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Compass Marketing offers a suite of In Store Solutions to help our brand partners differentiate themselves against competition.


Powershelf® is a foundational and patented technology platform that provides power to the shelf and enables differentiated marketing and category management solutions that include:

Dynamic Pricing


Out of Stock Sensors
LED Lighting

It can significantly reduce out of stocks, connect with consumers at the shelf, maintain POG integrity and drive 100% pricing accuracy.

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A unique advertising and consumer engagement solution that directly communicates with shoppers in the highest traffic area of the store: Checkout! Messagewrap wraps around the checkout conveyor belt and enables brands to communicate their brand messaging to every consumer that travels through the checkout area. It provides unmatched impressions and delivers strong sales lift. It also utilizes Good Armor™ antimicrobial protection that aligns with Retailer and Brand objectives for store safety, differentiation, sustainability, and health & wellness.

MessageWrap is ideal for:

  • New Product Launches
  • Retail Partner Brands
  • Superiority Claim Messaging
  • Mobile Integration
  • Call to Action
  • Lead Generation
  • Driving Traffic to Internet Destinations
  • Shopper Activation

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